Information for New Vikings

Computer Log In Information

Please note that due to recent changes in processes, Active Directory network passwords will no longer be reset during the summer months. This procedural change will facilitate password recall for employees who have extended vacations during the summer months as well as students who are engaged in summer courses.

Staff and students are asked to ensure passwords are kept confidential and maintained in a secure location to assist with recall.


TVDSB network log in


User name:  first 4 letters of your last name + first 4 letters of your first name + last 3 digits of your student number.



My log in is __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


Password:  your default password is your 9 digit student number which can be found on your report card, student card, etc.  You can change the student number to a personal password after your first log in.  Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password. When you change your network password, it will also reset your student portal password & your google password as well as an online learning passwords.


What if I forget my password?

Make sure you remember it but if you do forget it, go to the office or the library to have it reset.


School Wifi

You’re now welcome to use your login name and password to use our Wi-Fi on your own personal devices for school appropriate uses while you’re at school.


Student Portal Login

Your student portal allows you to see your timetables, marks, attendance in addition to having access to numerous resources. Click on Student portal on the left side of our Lucas web page. 


Use the same user name and password as you use when logging onto the school network.



GoTVDSB ~ Secondary Schools Google classroom & all its features are used widely for a variety of classroom functions and communications. Please be sure your parents have indicated you have permission to for computer use in their parent portal. 


To log in, your user name is the same as your network password + (see above)

4, 4, & 3


Can’t get onto Google?

Have your parents given permission for you to use it in their parent portal? If not, you’re not allowed.  Not sure? Talk to the secretary.


Can you get onto active directory ok, just not google?

Log into the network on a school computer, then click “Control+Alt+Delete” 

This will enable you to pick a new password. Choose a new stronger password; include a number, letter, Capital letter & Character (such as !@#) eg. 123SesameSt!   This will reset all your passwords associated with your network login name (including Wi-Fi)  and will allow access to Google again. 



New Students FAQ's 


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Jr. Football Info.

Football gear will be distributed on Tuesday August 20 from noon – 3:00 p.m. in portable 7. Players must bring  $400 security deposit cheque (made out to A.B. Lucas) which will not be cashed unless our equipment is not returned.  Tryouts will run from Monday August 26 to Thursday August 29 from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. on the field. Please bring water and cleats, if possible. Any questions should be directed to Coach Grant at


I’m taking Gr. 9 gym class, how do I get my gym uniform?

Phyd. Ed uniforms are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged. $15 for the shirt and $20 for the shorts. If you have gym 1st semester, you can now go on to pay for your uniform, print the receipt and bring it with you the first day to receive your clothing! If you choose not to purchase our uniforms, you should be wearing navy/grey/white gym appropriate clothing and gym shoes each day for class to be able to participate. 


How do we sign up for school cash online for fee payments? 

Step by step instructions can be found here. 


What requirements do I need to meet to graduate high school? 
To view Ontario Secondary School Diploma Graduation Requirements, click here


What courses do I need to pick?

You need to choose 8 courses. 6 courses are mandatory, but you need to choose the best level of study. You get to choose 2 elective courses. You also need to pick 2 alternate electives.


I am nervous about Gr. 9 math, how can I prepare? 

Click here for the your high school math prep booklet. 


How many courses will I take each day?
Your 8 courses will be scheduled over the whole school year, which is 2 semesters, 4 classes per semester. Your daily schedule will be the same for the whole semester. Classes are 75 minutes each.

  • Semester 1 goes from September until end of January.
  • Semester 2 goes from February until end of June.

Click here for the 2019-2020 Secondary calendar


Daily Schedule:

Period Time
1 8:15-9:35 am 
2 9:38-10:53 am
3 10:55-12:10 pm
4 12:12-1:27 pm
5 1:30-2:45 pm


When will I have lunch?
You will be scheduled your lunch break during either Period 3 or Period 4 (see times above). Many students bring their lunch and find a space to work on homework and eat. There’s also a cafeteria where food can be purchased. Some students go to the Student Success room (Rm. 109) during their lunch break to get extra help and work on assignments.


Are there any sports and/or clubs I can get involved in? 

YES! Absolutely we highly recommend that you get involved to maximize your high school experience.  Click here to see a complete listing of all our sports and clubs. To sign up, attend the clubs fair in the Fall (date TBA) go find the teacher advisor, email them or talk to your teacher or guidance....


Will I get LOST?  laugh

Yep! you might - we all did on our 1st day, but that's okay because Lucas is such a friendly place, you can ask anybody for directions, come to the office for a map, ask your teacher for help, or print this map & keep it in your binder just in case! 


I don’t have lunch with any of my friends, can I change it? 
No. You cannot change your timetable to suit a preferred lunch time, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet a new group of friends! 


Who will be my teacher?

Each class will have a different teacher; the teachers name will be shown on your timetable. Parents can meet your teachers early at Gr. 9 parent’s night, which is Wednesday September 11th; keep an eye on our website, Instagram and Twitter for the details. Teacher contact info can be found here. 


Can I change my mind about my courses? 

You will get a course verification form in mid-April. At that time, you can adjust your selections. Changes become more difficult after that. Chances are good you will get your first two elective choices and we will not need to insert your alternate selection. Your schedule will be available for viewing on your student portal after August 1st.   


I don’t live in the Lucas area, can I still apply?

No, we are not accepting out of area applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Check back with us in January 2020 to find out about applying for September 2020 admission. 


Will I be able to ride the bus to Lucas?  
You don’t need to apply to ride the school bus.  School busses are assigned according to your home address. Click here to check if you are eligible for a bus.  Click here to check if you are eligible for a busClick here for information about busing.


When will I get my schedule?
Your schedule can be viewed on after August 1st, through your student & parent's portal . If your parent hasn't got that set up, call the school for help.   


The time table shows course codes - not sure what they mean? 
Refer to our course calendar here for class names for the codes. 


I moved! Do I need to tell the school? 
Yes, please tell the school all updated info. as soon as you have it. 


Will I get a call from my Viking 101? 

Yes, Viking 101 is a leadership course for our Gr. 12 students. They are chosen to help mentor and support Gr. 9’s through their transition to Lucas. Sometime in June or July your homeroom Viking 101 representative will call you to welcome you to Lucas & answer any questions you might have. Be sure to call the school if your contact information changes.  If you haven’t received a call by mid-July, call the school at 519-452-2600 and we’ll help you get connected to them. 


Did you know that now that you've graduated Gr. 8 you can start working on your volunteer hours?  All Ontario students require a minimum of 40 hours of community service/ volunteer work to graduate. For information about volunteering click here.



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