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Guidance Counsellor Info & Appointments


Guidance Counsellor Alpha Breakdown

519-452-2600 - press 9 and then dial extension


Please make appointments 
during your 'learn from home' days.  



Appointments will be by phone. We will call you. 
You also have the 
option of 'Google Meets' appointments ...
 Please email counsellor and ask if you prefer this.

Ms. R. Martin

ext. 60037 (email)

A – E

Mrs. Kokkoros

ext. 60006 (email

F – J 

Ms. S. Salyga

ext. 60003 (email)

K  – P

Ms. M. Aitken*

ext. 60009 (email

Q – Z

*Acting Guidance Department Head - Marci Aitken 
For general inquiries, please contact Valerie Rausch, Guidance Secretary, ext 60004 (email)

 Learning Support Including IEP Students 

 Visit our Lucas Special Education Website

Resource/Learning Support - Room 107


Mr. Kneeshaw (email) Gr. 9, 10 & 11 ext 60050

To book space in room 107 for
Test, Project or Conversation
Click HERE

Mrs. Kokkoros (email)

Remote Learners  ext 60006 

Mrs. Fletcher* (email) 

Grade 12 &
Gifted 9 -12
ext 60029

Paul Helleman

Grade 12  

*Resource Department Head - Colleen Fletcher

 Student Success & ESL Supports

Student Success - Room 109


Mrs. Green (email) - Ext. 60045

Mrs. Blais-Piper (email) - Ext. 60011

To book space in room 109

ESL Support - Room 103

Mrs. Blais-Piper (email) - Ext. 60011 To book space in room 103

Registration Information

 For all registration information, please visit the Lucas Registration Page



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Important Dates 2020-2021 
  • Deadline to Apply to University - Friday, January 15, 2021

  • Deadline to Apply to College - Monday, February 1, 2021

  • Register for next year - January 12-February 12, 2021
  • Deadline for out of area Grade 8's to register for Grade 9 - February 4, 2021
  • April Break - April 12-16, 2021
  • Commencement - Class of 2021 - Friday, June 11, 2021 (waiting for board approval)
Postsecondary Information including College and University Application Info and Links)


HOW TO APPLY TO UNIVERSITY - written and video instructions

TVDSB ScholarshipsClick on link to see detailed information and the link to the forms to apply to each one; deadline to submit to Lucas - Tuesday, April 21, 2021; please only apply to the ones that are relevant to you.
There are lots of places to look for money - your parent's place of employment, TVDSB specific, Lucas specific, clubs or groups you belong to. It is worth the time to apply for these.
Ontario Universities Info - Financial section - Scholarships per University
TVDSB Scholarships - due in April; TVDSB and Lucas specific
If you have any questions at all, please contact your guidance counsellor.
 High School Credit Options (other than Lucas)
  Educational Planning
  Resources for Parents and Students
 Mental Health and Wellness Resources
 Study Skills and Stress Management
 Community Service Information and Forms

Volunteer Hours Form.pdf - be sure to have this form signed by supervisor, student and parent before submitting**
**you can submit your hours in the basket in guidance or via email during the pandemic ... scan or take a photo of your completed and signed form and email it to your alpha counsellor

Form to submit for up to 10 hours of paid employment for Community Service Requirement
                    NOTE: these hours will be entered into the system in June 

Community Involvement Hours for Students in the 2020-2021 School Year 


Given Ontario’s current State of Emergency, it’s important for both graduating students and parents/guardians to understand the Ministry of Educations expectations for the completion of community hours. For students graduating by June 2021, the required number of hours for graduation has been reduced to a minimum of 20 hours of community involvement activities. 

If approved, students may count any of the following activities towards their community involvement hours (parent signature for at home activities is sufficient):  

  • up to 10 hours of paid employment if a student is 14 years or older and completes a reflection exercise demonstrating how their work contributed to their community, (record the hours on the official form ... USE THIS FORM THE COMPLETE THE REFLECTION PARAGRAPH.
  • community involvement during school time, for example, walking a younger sibling to and from school or helping younger siblings with school work, 

  • duties normally performed at home, for example, helping an elderly relative with errands or providing after school care for a sibling. 

Please remember that in completing community involvement hours, student safety is of the utmost concern.  Students must respect all provincial and municipal health guidelines, including the current “Stay at Home” order issued by the province.  

Additional information about this graduation requirement, and others, can be found at:    

  Summer School 2021

Summer school 2021 is offered online only for 4 weeks in July


Registration March 22, 2021 - June 11, 2021.

Click here for the TVDSB page for all summer school info and details and link to registration. 


SUMMER CO-OP - deadline for applications: Monday, May 10, 2021


Summer Improvement Courses - 2 weeks each - you can take two improvements in July. Registration May 3 - June 11, 2021.




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