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    Have a great summer

    Enjoy your summer!

    Timetables for 2022-2023

    Timetables for 2022-2023

    Counsellors have been working on creating student timetables for next year. 

    Students/parents of current Lucas students can view their draft timetable in the student and parent portal. If there are errors, please fill out the 'Course Change Request Form'. Guidance Counsellors will work through in priority sequence and changes that are possible will be reflected in the portal (not myBlueprint). 

    Changes will be processed in priority sequence. See below for essential reasons for a timetable change request.
    - Missing courses/incomplete timetable
    - Missing a prerequisite
    - Taking course in summer school, but still in timetable for next year
    - Course needed for future studies or admission to post-secondary

    Counsellors will be back in the school the last week of August and will make changes at that time. All requests need to be made through the form.



    Grade 9-11 Report Card Pick-Up
    Last Name A-L: Tuesday, July 12
    Last Name M-Z: Wednesday, July 13 

    Grade 12 Report Card/Diploma Package Pick-Up
    Thursday July 14

    * if you cannot attend during your designated time, you may come to the main office starting July 18 during office hours

    Mon-Thurs 8am-3pm
    Friday 8am-11am