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    Lucas Mental Health website

    Check out the Lucas Mental Health website for some great mental health resources.  There is something for everyone, including yoga, visual relaxation, meditation, books/podcasts physical activity and so much more!  Go ahead and take a look!  

    Student Advisory Council

    This is an announcement from the Student Advisory Council.  OSTA-AECO has been promoting a new project: the Volume of Our Voices.  We want to collect stories from students and allow each story to be heard and given a platform.  You can find the link to this project below.  Please share your stories with us!

    The Volume of Our Voices – OSTA-AECO (osta-aeco.org)


    LLC Viking

    Students can now access eBooks, audiobooks, digital newspapers and magazines from the LLC (Library Learning Commons) website. Contact Ms. Szabo for more information!